Intra-Docker (ea with NR) Container Communication - sending msg.objects to one another

Hi, I would like to modularise my Node-RED applications - as each are on a separate upgrade path.

I would like to have several Node-RED Docker Containers, on the same host, all containers running Node-RED with their own set of flows, that then uses the --link Docker definition to send msg.objects to one another.

I could do this via mqtt, but was wondering if I cannot exploit intra-container comminications?

...not quite sure as such a thing exists.
I am under the impression, that a docker instance is a "tight" as a virtual machine, when it comes to i/o interchange.
So using a form of docker networking would have to be the basic layer and concept.
Using internal docker DNS should enable you not to only use mqtt but http or other TCP/UDP based transport methods.

...or even a database...
Have you seen this: ..looks interesting

Dis see that, but forgot, thank you for the advice!

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