Invalid input: NaN


  • I´m trying my first program on node-RED
    Raspberry Pi
    Homeki -> Relay
    Debug: msg: msg : string[18] "Invalid input: NaN"

Did yet find out the problem what I have


Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately we are not psychic or mind readers and will need more information to help you.

Try adding pictures, your flow (surrounded with triple ticks ```code here ```) and what you have tried already.

but NaN means whatever node you are using is expecting a number and what ever you have sent is Not a Number

3/17/2019, 1:55:03 PMnode: Relaymsg : string[18]

"Invalid input: NaN"

and if you add a debug one step before ? (ie what are you sending into that node...)


Thank you so much. I´m learnig I hope seems to be working now, Me :slight_smile:


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