Invalid JSONata expression: Unable to cast value to a number

hello everyone, I have to convert values to string, only that when I try to do an edit change node with expresion "$ number (payload)" it gives me the following error "Invalid JSONata expression: Unable to cast value to a number: "5\n5\n5\n5\n"", then I added a function that eliminates "/ n" and managed to bypass the error I got, unfortunately, however, the result is not what I would have expected but they delete "/ n" all the values went in a single row thus doing a wrong average of the values subsequently, how can I solve this problem?



Thanks for all

Your post is very confusing, are you saying you wish to average the four 5's, which would be 5. Please explain if not.
Can we also see a debug after the file node.
Also best to post code as text as no one can copy the text from an image.

To take the string


You can pass it through a change node and apply the JSONata expression

$average($split($trim($$.payload), /\s/).$number($))

Output would be 5

$sum($split($trim($$.payload), /\s/).$number($)) / 6

output would be 3.3333Ë™

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Thanks for the reply and I apologize if I did not make myself understood, however the solution you have proposed is fine
"$ sum ($ split ($ trim ($$. payload), /\s/).$number($)) / 6"
I just wanted to know if it was possible to have an integer as a solution for example:
if the result is this "3.3333333333333335" I want this "3" as output otherwise if I get "3.6666666" as output I would like to have this "4"
thanks again

If you look at Numeric functions · JSONata You will see all functions you can apply to a number
$round() round depending on decimal place
$ceil() round up
$floor() round down

$round($sum($split($trim($$.payload), /\s/).$number($)) / 6)
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