IOT Remote Monitoring and SSH

If we have many Raspberry Pi how can we keep the Pi's connected to a central server and can reverse connect to the server .

Devices are behind NAT .

Whats Open Source Packages or Docker Images can we use .
for remote desktop what works on iot and raspberry type devices

Just passing by real quick....

ZeroTier – Global Area Networking comes to mind

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Thanks @marcus-j-davies
besides this what other alternatives do we have

There are multiple similar services to ZeroTier. You could also set up your own VPN. You could also set up a tunnel via SSH (ssh from the Pi to the server and add a tunnelled port to the ssh config.)

Whatever you do, remember that your Pi is likely to be less well protected than your server. So a point-to-point VPN into your server might be a pretty dreadful idea. Consider having a DMZ to coordinate incoming IoT traffic with additional inner protection to your inner network and servers.