Ir receiver sunfounder and rgb led

Good morning everyone. I would like to create a node-red flow that allows me to assign commands to the ir receiver through a sunfounder remote control that allow me to change the color of an rgb led. The RGB led sensor is connected to the raspberry, R to GPIO25, G to GPIO27, B to GPIO12. The ir receiver is connected to raspberry via GPIO23. Through the button 1 of the remote control I would like the coloring of the LED "white", through the button 2 I would like the coloring "blue", through the key 3 I would like the red coloring and through the key 4 I would like the purple coloring. Can anyone help me?


I would break this into several steps.

1. Make sure that you have the right approach for the RGB LED.
Is it a single bulb or a strip? The single bulb is (usually) driverless and is just controlled by PWM from the Raspberry Pi pins. A strip uses a driver and you'll need a Node-RED node that works with the driver.

2. Make sure the RGB LED is wired correctly
For example, GPIO25 doesn't have PWM, so I don't see how you could vary the intensity of the Red output.
Have a look at

3. Create a flow which controls the RGB output (without the IR)

4. Create a flow that receives the IR receiver
I don't see any node for "sunfounder".
Can you provide a link to the product description and data sheet?

5. integrate the 2 flows

I found this link that should explain how IR and remote control should work: Lesson 23 IR Remote Control — SunFounder SunFounder_SensorKit_for_RPi2 documentation

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