Is it possible to develop decision logic on Node-RED?

Hey everyone,

I'm new to Node-RED, my aim is to develop decisions logics on node-red.

Is this possible on node-RED platform? If yes, how and where do i start?

Thank you all

Welcome to the forum.

You would have to start by explaining what you mean by decisions logic.

You would then watch the Node red Essentials videos.

To want to make decisions based on some conditions on node-RED, deploy it on raspberry pi and ingest live IoT data .

Your question is too simplistic.

So the simple answer is yes.

If you want an idea of what node-red can do, read the forum posts, look at the cookbook examples, look the flow library.

When it comes to IoT and what node-red can do, the answer is almost anything you want.

You would be better off asking a specific question.

A large percentage of the people using Node-RED and the people on this forum are doing exactly that.

Whether it is for controlling lighting or heating, greenhouses, garden watering, ....

One of the originators of Node-RED once created a drone controller using Node-RED :slight_smile:

I remember that a few of us joked about creating drone-based video doorbell's - someone approaches the door or presses the bell and a drone takes off navigates round and video's them :rofl:


Thanks steve,

My interest is the IBM ODM decision services to make diecisions on where to process and stored IoT

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