Is it possible to set a fractional zoom level for node-red-contrib-web-worldmap?

Is it possible to enable fractional zoom levels (e.g. 2.5) for node-red-contrib-web-worldmap ?

I can specify a fractional zoom level but it doesn't take the fractional part into account. When a fractional part is specified it seems to be rounding it to the nearest integer.

Not currently no. I guess it could be enabled but we have to pick a step level. And it then lets the browser scale the tiles so the quality may not be brilliant

I have used the leaflet library before with a fractional step level (e.g 0.1) and that works fine and also looks good.

I would suggest to keep the default step level (= 1) but make this configurable through the node configuration.

Ok - will let it accept fractional values.

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Thanks a lot. After some consideration is zoom level 3 not that bad for me. New Zealand is no longer visible on my screen with zoom level 3 but that is acceptable for my use case.

sounds like a good excuse to buy a bigger screen :slight_smile:
(now in v2.10.0 - spinner is the same but you can type in whatever you want)


version 2.10.0 indeed makes it now possible to specify a fractional zoom level.
Thanks a lot.

Phew - hopefully NZ now back in the world

Indeed NZ is back on the map :slight_smile:

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