Is their anyway to stop a flow?

Im taking in sensor data and displaying it with gauges. I use a switch to display a value on the gauges or the string "disabled". The flow has 4 inject nodes with 4 exec nodes that all goes to the IOT hub node for adding data to the database.

My probelm is: how can i stop an individual sensor thread from passing data to the exec node(node that sends data to the command line for retrieving a sensor). i dont want the flow to stop i just want the node to stop sending data to the next node based on the condition wheather the data is the string "disabled" or a number

I think you need to look into one of the logic or boolean gate nodes.

This is one of the newer ones, but I've not used it.

use a switch node....

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Or possibly the simplest is to use node-red-contrib-simple-gate. Insert that into the flow you want to break and all you need to do is send it the appropriate commands to block or allow the flow.

worked like a clockworks

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