Is there a way to click a button in relation to a specific page?


If you want you can click a button from a Node-RED flow by using WDIO nodes. This will then force a dependency on having an instance of Selenium to execute the request (e.g. Selenium-Standalone) plus Java. It works but is a lot for a simple button click.

As stated previously: confirm what action the button does when clicked and approach it from that direction.

Might be as simple as a POST with certain parameters.


I thought it was the messages from the sensor that were getting lost, not the messages from node-red.

Using python selenium function was the solution. I was able to press a specific button. Thank you.

thank you for the reply. The solution was available in the above post.

I think a better solution would be to work out exactly what is going wrong and address that, rather than using a workaround like this.

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