Is there a way to create tabs inside the editor?

I have a list of text fields which I want to keep under separate tabs depending on the category.

I wanted to know if it is possible to create tabs inside the editor so that I can place the text fields in appropriate categories.


This also doesn't seem to be creating new nodes but more a question about how to use Node-red.
That is the general area.

I think this is his own node ?

(ok, maybe.)

Sorry if I am wrong. But given the topic about people incorrectly using that selection.

There are core nodes that do this - and of course contributed ones as well.
I propose you check their source to see how it's done.

Please can you name a few since I was not able to find them

Have you never used the function node?

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I have used function node

There seems to be some confusion about what you are doing.
Is this for the properties of a node that you are creating?
Like this?
Untitled 1

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@syedhannan if you want to add tabs within the properties tab of your nodes edit dialog, then have a look at the Function node, or the MQTT Broker config nodes. They both contain tabbed sections and will show how it is done.

Ps, have moved to #creating-nodes because it is a question about your own node.

Yes it is what I was trying to achieve

Sorry I am new to node red.
You mean I should use the developer tools right or is there any other way to look at the code.

The source of the MQTT Broker config node is here:

We don't have good docs on the RED.tabs API, but that's what you'll want to use here.

In that case, are you sure that it is a good idea to leap in at the deep end, creating new custom node types (if that is really what you are doing), before getting some good experience working with node-red?

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