Is there a way to disable password auth when using upstream 2FA?

Looking at the docs, I don't see an obvious way to disable the login requirements. Is this an option?

I'm using a combination of reverse proxy and 2FA authentication through Authelia and Duo. As it's configured now, I have to log in to Authelia with username and password, then prompted for 2FA through Duo, and then I'm presented with the standard login for Node-Red. Ideally, I could disable the auth for Node-Red since the security is being handled upstream.

The guide I used for getting setup: Setting Up Authelia With SWAG

Just disable the Node-RED auth. Make sure that then, the only access to Node-RED is via the proxy. That is done by removing any local desktop and configuring a local device firewall to only allow inbound traffic on the Node-RED port (1880 if you've not changed it). Keep TLS turned on unless you are very sure of the security of your local network (actually it is best practice to leave it turned on anyway).

Thanks, it was as easy as commenting out my admin auths to disable login. Now I have a nice and easy login flow after 2FA authorization!

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