Is there a way to manage flow (tab) versions?

We are running Node-red in dockers (in a wide-scale deployment of over 15 different parallel environments - dev, test, production etc.). We are happy to see Node-red proving stable and performing well.

We are facing some challenge in configuration management. Each Node-red docker is composed of multiple flows (tabs), doing different tasks, and owned by different developers. Whenever a developer updates a tab, we import it to a "master" environment, do some sanity system-testing and then release a new docker image.

Hence we need to ensure that the combined docker image consists of the correct version of each tab. For now we include a comment node on each tab, with a version number & change date, however people don't always remember to update these, and we are looking for a way to guarantee/automate this.

We tried in the past to use a contrib node called "node-red-contrib-flow-manager", which breaks the flows file into per-tab files (allowing tab-level version management), but encountered a few issues (and also, not sure if this node is still actively supported).

Can someone offer some good advice or recommended practice?
Or is there any planned product feature, e.g. self-updating date tag for each tab (as well as the whole "Collection")?

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