Is there a way to paste a variable in "edit view" of a node?

What I'm trying to accomplish:
I get the string of the UUID only after a function. Is it possible to store a value in a variable and output it in the "edit view" of another node see screenshot?

What has worked so far:
I could read the value of an environment variable. But unfortunately it does not help me in this case. Because I can't overwrite these variables in a function. Or is it actually possible?

What would help me:
I can place a variable name in this input from the node edit view.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

There is not enough info to go on (for me any how)...

  • What node package is this node from?
    • node-red-contrib-?????
  • Have you read the built in help for this node? Does it not tell you about providing the value in a msg property?

Hi Steve-Mcl,

thank you very much for your quick reply.

  • It's the "node-red-contrib-bring-shopping" package. (Node Info)
  • Unfortunately, there is no help on the node. It's the "get items" node (node-red-contrib-bring-shopping : getItems)

Here is the function for this node:
See Github
Starts line 82.

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