Is there a way to refresh the entire dashboard periodically?

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I've built a node red dash to monitor a sensor array. This dash is displayed persistently, but some frustrating memory leak issues cause it to crash periodically as the browser consumes all available memory. A simply refresh fixes the issue so, as a workaround, I was hoping there would be a way to automate an hourly browser refresh in node-red. I assume I might be able to do this with the ui_control node but I'm just not sure how to go about it.

If anyone has any tips for tracking down memory leaks, I'm all ears on that front as well!


What type ui nodes are you using?
If using a graph, how many data pints are you displaying? Too many can cause issues

This is in an industrial application so we are displaying a lot of data. Line charts are plotting 10min intervals for 24hrs so roughly 150 points of data. Several of these per tab with 6 tabs and growing now. I've also set up aggregator nodes to look at min/max/avg daily, so I assume those are storing a lot of data as well.

I'm not sure that this is the issue though. When I look at the chrome task manager I can see the memory useage creep up in real time despite all the line graphs and aggregator nodes being fully populated. If I'm looking at the last 24hrs on a line chart, for each point I add, I'm discarding an old one, no? If that's true my layman brain wouldn't expect accumulating memory useage.

Are you using the latest version of node-red-dashboard?

The aggregator nodes run in the node-red server not the browser so that should not be an issue.

As you assumed, once the graphs are fully populated they should not consume more memory. How often do you have to refresh?

I don't know exactly, but I seems to be once every 6 hours or so. I have a somewhat flaky chrome extension doing an hourly fresh now and as long as the extension works and executes the refresh, all is well.

Also, IDK if this could be related, but I am using a ui-control node to change tabs every 30s. This dash is a hands-free way to monitor machine health in real time so I want it to page through the data frequently. Any reason this behavior would accrue memory useage?

All nodes are updated to their latest versions.

What is your operating system ? How much memory installed in your computer ?

It would be advisable to open Chrome dev tools in the dashboard page to check if you are seeing any error in the console.

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