Issue bar-chart-data Bluemix Timezones

Hello folks.
I am Marcelo from Brazil and new user on node red.
Recently, in my project I am using a bar-chart-data to save datas of my energy consumption, but a have little problem with this node "bar-chart-data".
In the true, my problem is about the time line x axis, I live in Brazil and the time zone here is -3 and in my node show me UTC time zone.
I tried used the node "moment" but still problem persist.
Could someone help my.
Sorry with my english mistakes

Moved to #dashboard as it is about node-red-dashboard

What computer are you running the Node-RED server on?
Have you checked the timezone set on that computer?

Can you add a debug node and show us a message you are sending to the bar-chart-node?

(PS your English is a lot better than my Brazilian Portuguese!)

Hello friend, thanks for your replay.
My nod red is running on bluemix form IBM cloud.
A have not checked the TZ, but all nodes a need to use a moment.

Attached a pic to debug image

Hello everybody!!
I am still student a form to resolve my problem using bar-chart-data. I desisted to change the timezone on node red and now I have a little code that a need change to adapt to my project, what I want is only subtract -3 in labels, fixing my x-axis on the chart.
below has my code

var labels = msg.payload[0].labels;
var series = msg.payload[0].series;
var data = msg.payload[0].data;
msg.payload = [{
"labels": labels ,
"series": series ,
"data": data ,

return msg;

I forgot to attach my flow.
the function receive from bar-chart-data and replicate.