Issue with running telnet command in EXEC node-red

Hi everyone,

I am trying to execute a windows CLI command in the EXEC node in node-red.
My command is "telnet 'IP address' 'port' ". It is working perfectly in the terminal, but the command shows failed when it runs in node-red.

Any suggestions, on how can I resolve this issue?

It will likely be the way you have formatted the exec command but you haven't shown us what you did.

Question. What do you want to achieve by launching telnet? Are you hoping to communicate with a device and get the result back into node red?


The image is attached showing the output.
I am trying to connect to the host and send SQL requests. Also, the output of the SQL request is in the XML version which I can convert easily in node-red


The image displayed is the configuration of EXEC node

What flavor of SQL? SQL server? Mysql?


Ok so I don't understand where telnet comes into this?

Can't you simply use the node-red-node-mysql and completely avoid this attempt to automate telnet?

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