Johnny five does not display analog signals of Beaglebone black

Hello again

I had installed the johnny five node on my node-red , but I noticed that it only gives me access to the digital inputs and outputs and not to the analog inputs , which are the ones I am most interested in.

Using the manage pallete in node-red I found these versions of Johnny Five , but none of them allow me access to the analog inputs


Any suggestions for other libraries ?


Searching the library for johnny5 reveals node-red-contrib-gpio-2 (node) - Node-RED which says:

A set of input and output nodes for controlling General Purpose Input and Outputs (GPIOs) though the use of Johnny-Five I/O Plugins as well as running Johnny-Five scripts!

  • Support for NodeJS 12 and serialport 8.
  • Johnny-Five 1.3


Hello Steve

I have delayed the installation of Johnny five because the system asked me for the SSH keys.

I had to investigate and finally I was able to solve that problem.

Now I was able to install the Johnny five version, however, it only presents these nodes and there is not one to read analog inputs.

gpio in
gpio out
ioplugin (not lit)

Maybe there is another option other than johnny-five that will allow me to read the analog and digital inputs as well.?


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