Json object: convert string to number

Debug node


outputs string "16"
I would like to convert that into a number, but if I use a function with

msg.payload = new Number(msg.payload.vars.1.value);
return msg;

it gives me an error. Any idea why that doesn't work?
It seems the function cannot fetch the value from the JSON object

Finally I would like a Gauge to display the value

I think there is an issue accessing number properties of an object with the . (dot) notation
Try msg.payload = Number(msg.payload.vars["1"].value)
or change the 1 key to something that starts with characters if you have access to how the original payload is constructed.

msg.payload = Number(msg.payload.vars["1"].value)
msg.payload = Number(msg.payload.vars[1].value)`
worked, thanks

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