JSON output to html not right formatted but showing "

I am trying to read sensor data from Home Assistant with GET requests. I want to return the data using JSON.
I can get it to return:


However, when I set the header content-type to application/json it shows:


What am I doing wrong and how can I fix this?

Unfortunately, I dont know about Home Assistant but you could try escaping the quotes



Though i am certain there is a better way. Perhaps ask on the HA forum?

Yes, I also did. But it is occurring inside Node-RED.
This is what I do inside a function node:

var data={"result":msg.payload};
node.log(typeof data);
return msg;

And subsequently I use a template node with:


Formatted with "Mustache template" and Output As "Plain text".

This is equal for both with and without the json header specified.
So, I don't know why the difference is occurring...

Ahh - thats the missing piece of the puzzle

Try {{{payload}}} in template instead of {{payload}}

You are a genius :heart_eyes:
I still need to learn a lot!

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