Jsonata in global environment variables with reference


i want to use jsonata expression within the released function "Global Environment Variables".
The jsonata contains a logical function, which checks if a environmental variable exists. If not, it sets a default value, which is also stored within the Global Environment Variables section. I had trouble getting this to work. Therefore i decided to shorten the jsonata and observed that there is a functional difference between flow and global environmental section.

It seems, that i can´t reference inside a variable within the "Global Environent Variables" section.

Here is an example:

  1. In the global env section "globEnvWriteTopic" references "defWriteTopic"
  2. Reference the "globEnvWriteTopic" in an inject node
  3. Payload is empty

It works, if i´m using this reference in the flow section.

Is that an issue of the new release?

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Variables are not surrounded by quotes. If you wanted to reference a env var then the $env($env("varname")) would be more correct.

The order you create them in the Global env variable editor may be of importance to.