Junction nodes think they are bigger than they are

I find that some of my junction nodes think they are bigger than they should be, so if they are not widely separated from adjacent nodes then they show the ! warning of overlapping nodes.


If I move the function node (or the junction) across a bit then it is ok. Is this a known issue?


node-red 3.0.2
nodejs 18.13.0

First I have seen or heard.

It should probably be raised as an issue (not sure if that would be on the node-red or nr-lint repo though)

My gut feel is nrlint - because it is making an assumption as to how 'big' the junction is in absence of concrete information.

That said, I'm sure I fixed that around the time we released Junctions originally...

Yup - Handle junctions in overlapping-nodes rule by knolleary · Pull Request #33 · node-red/nrlint · GitHub - and released in nrlint 1.1.0

What version are you using?

That was it, upgrading sorting it. Thanks.

Unfortunately, having upgraded to 1.1.0 (from 1.0.2) Chrome (or Firefox) is now permanently hogging the processor when I open localhost:1880.

Any suggestions on how I work out which function is causing the processor hogging? When I roll back nlrint it is ok.

You had hit this before (which is why you had stuck on the older version) - Node red tab hogging the processor in the browser · Issue #36 · node-red/nrlint · GitHub

You provided me your flows at the time and I used them to track down exactly which node it was - Node red tab hogging the processor in the browser · Issue #36 · node-red/nrlint · GitHub

I raised the upstream issue, but it appears 'upstream' has been abandoned and no fix is forth coming. We need to figure out a way around the issue... which is less than ideal.

Sorry Nick. I am getting too old. I did remember that there had been a problem but I didn't remember that I had rolled back as a workaround. I have removed that code and it is ok now.

That is a pain.

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