KNX > ABB USB Gateway connection to Node-RED PC dashboard

I am totally green in a NODE RED. It is my first time. I have some KNX modules and i would like to make a small visualisation on a PC with it. Some buttons/status.
I saw that it is easy with KNX/IP converter but i have ABB USB. I have tried to look for some help and i found only this topic

but...i do not understand it. Could somebody show me in a project or explain how to connect and to do that in steps?

Follow the tutorials

And?... In this tutorial there is nothing about USB KNX Gateway connection. In topic which i have found there is sth about RasPi
but i do not have it and dont want it.Question is > is it possible to connect it directly to the installed NodeRed on PC.

I read your topic as 'i am new to node-red and don't know how to connect these nodes'
but you are talking about physical connections.

Reading the documentation:

The trick here (although not entirely within the specs) is to use the loopback interface, so if you define the KNX controller address/port to it will bypass the source address check (and happily route your packets down your USB or TPUART interface)