Knx-ultimate to UDP-out

I installed KNX-Ultimate and inserted my ESF File from ETS5 (the CSV did not work). In the debug flow with complete msg I can see all I need. I want to send all data to an UDP-Out Flow and there I always can send only one topic, but I need the complete msg.
What do I need to do?
In a UDP Reciever I see only what is shown in debug as payload!
Thanks for help!

The UDP sends what is in payload, so you could generate a new msg with its payload set to the original msg....

Put a Function node before the UDP node...

return {payload: msg};

Question though...
What is receiving the UDP data - another node-red instance? If so, this is really more suited to MQTT.

The UDP node is connected to some Loxone MiniserverGo. I am familiar with KNX and several Smarthome systems. I am new in NodeRed, but not new in solving puzzles....
What and where I need to write into the function node to send all the data I get from knx-Ultimate as output in the udp-out node, If I change msg.payload to msg.topic the GroupAdress is sent to Loxone.
If I change msg.payload to msg.devicename the Name of the KNX device out of the ESF file is sent..
Msg.payload sents only the value.
BUT HOW to wright the function node, so all the data is sent?
Thanks for help

As I said, return {payload: msg};

what this does is copy the whole msg you received from the KNX node to the .payload property of a new object.

KNX node --> function node (return {payload: msg}; ) --> UDP OUT

NOTE: You might need to convert to a JSON string before transmission to UDP (been a while since i played with UDP comms in node-red)


return {payload: "GA: " + msg.topic + " Value: " + msg.payload + " DevName:" + msg.devicename};

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