Krakul/node-red-modbus-rtu-slave writing multiple values at once


I have installed the krakul/node-red-modbus-rtu-slave pakage on my raspi with node-red version 3.0.2,

I need to write a response on the following request.

The modbus-rtu-writer in the pakage can only write one value,.but i need a response with 6 registers.

Setting the registers separately does not work.

Request from my inverter:

msg : Object
payload: "ModbusRTURequest {↵  _address: 1,↵  _body: ReadInputRegistersRequestBody { _fc: 4, _start: 12, _count: 6 },↵  _corrupted: false↵}"

In the help from the Modbus-RTU-Slave is written:

In order to write registers, a message with the following payload format must be passed as input:
"register": TARGET_REGISTER,
"data": [ U16, U16, U16 ]

But i dont know, how to do this. I need your help for this.

Thank you.

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