"label" for deployButton in settings.js is not working when the type is default

I want to change the label of the "Deploy" button to "Save" by using the configurations in settings.js as below. This works when the type is simple, but it doesn't work when the type is default. Any additional settings I need to add?

deployButton: {
//                        type:"simple",
                        icon: "/absolute/path/to/deploy/button/image" // or null to remove image

Another related question: Is there a way to change the default behavior of the deploy button to "node" instead of "full"?

Hi @fangzhu

the label option is only available for the simple button type and there is no way to change the default deploy type.

Currently, the editor remembers the last deploy type the user selected. Is your requirement just to change the default deploy type the user is given when they first access the editor? But the user can still select the other deploy types if they want?

I'm happy to add both of these as options to the default button options - just want to make sure I understand your requirement.


To expand on this, if you want to change the label of the button, what about all of the other places it says 'deploy' in the drop-down menu? The only practical way of doing that would be to customise the message catalog that the editor loads - which would let you change the button label as well as all the other messages. We don't provide an easy way to provide custom messages like that - you'd have to modify the message catalog files directly.

@knolleary Thanks for your quick response. Your understanding is correct. We are aware that once user select the "node" and deploy, it is remembered in the .config.json. We just need a way to set the default to "node" as users might not be aware of this feature and "full" might have bad performance when deploying a big flow.
Are you referring to @node-red/editor-client/locales/xx/editor.json as "message catalog" ?

Yes, that is the message catalog used to provide all of the text messages to the editor in the different languages we support.

I'm happy to add the option for label to be applied to the default button and to have a default deployType setting. But the label will only change the text of the button to whatever you provide in the settings file - that doesn't have support for providing different labels for different languages.... unless we also add support to do just that.