Lack in the documentation where similar versions of a node exist

While trying to help on this question (moving directories) I found a quirk in my searching (well it was late at night) while looking for nodes that could help.

The node-red-contrib-fs node came up in my search as a simple copy function under this link:

Version 1.4.1 node-red-contrib-fs (node) - Node-RED

BUT time has moved on, functionality developed by others and this node has the functionality required:

Version 1.6.0 node-red-contrib-fs-ops (node) - Node-RED

At first I thought they where the same (despite a very slight naming difference) and a subsequent search show other similar nodes, so this leads me to ask

Would it be possible to add a breakout box area (like the Node Info box) on the node documentation page to allow for people to link to other nodes that are similar?

Yes - I know a lot of authors are rather 'protective' over their babies but I am interested in helping users navigate a complex system better than Google etc :joy: :roll_eyes:

Feel free to shoot this down!

When there are multiple nodes that have similar names/functionality - that usually means that they've been made to overcome some issue or limitation of an original node

Or often they are forks of an unmaintained node.

So, I'd thought it would be a rare event if an original author would add something to their node to say don't use mine - try these others instead

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I agree original authors are unlikely to do anything but it can be a minefield trying to pick from a long list of similar nodes.

People really need to take the time to rate nodes, as most have very few ratings. at least that way there is some way to identify good or bad nodes.

I don't know if there is some way to "kill off" nodes which are unmaintained and do not work anymore ?

And sometimes nodes are forked for no reason (playtime, learning, slight non-functional tweak etc).

Judgement is necessary sometimes.

As for fs-ops I pointed you to, it is my go-to for file operations though I have not used it for a ~1 year but it is well designed and works for every task i have ever needed it for. YMMV

That's mine - I'm afraid it hasn't received any TLC for quite a while - if someone wants to update it or take ownership, I'd be more than happy as I don't have time right now. It was created before the fs-ops one.