LED 5050 GPIO Dashboard

Hi Guys

Ok I am trying to figure out how I can use Node-red to power my 5050 LED strip.

I can create a button for each colour.
but when I create a slider as well as have a button for each colour the slider wont work or the buttons dont work.

Is there away I can have both the button and the slider working together?
is there away I can make it so I can press one button and it turns all three LEDs on at the same time?

Well I'm sure they do work... but you have not explained what exactly you want them to do, nor how the leds are connected and controlled, or what inputs they need to do whatever they do... Give us a clue and we may be able to offer some suggestions.

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sorry about that.

Ok My LED stip is connected to the GPIO, pin 11, 15 and 18.
I dont need any inputs at this stage its just for output.
I want to be able to modulate the LEDs PWM so I can adjust the brightness. but I also want to enable the LEDS all on at the same time. Currently I can have either the LED's on indivudaly or use the adjust the brightness indivudaly, I can not do it both.

I assume you are running this on a Raspbery PI ? I would also like to assume that you have not directly connected the LED strip to the PI pins i.e. they are going through some form of mosfet if not it is only a matter of time until you blow your pins on the Pi - also note that the 5050 strips are 12v (RPi pins are not)

Confirm the above and we can then push you in the right direction


Your Assumption is spot on. All three times

OK good news then.

Obviously as you seem to be aware controlling colour for the 5050 LEDs is a matter of sending a PWM signal to each of the chips in the module i.e. different PWM frequencies on each of the 3 legs will control the colour.

Now on a Rpi PWM is a little problematic and will probably end up with noticeable flicker as the OS is not realtime and there is no hardware PWM so keep this in mind

Here is a thread that covers much of what you will need to do