Light switch replacement

Have a look at

You can use Philips Hue with the open source zigbee2mqtt >

The house is in Greece :slight_smile: , However, I had instructed the electrician to supply each switch with a neutral wire


"Proprietary" was probably the wrong term. My aim was to "talk" to switches directly over Node-RED, not over a hub. Furthermore, using Hue wall switches was too expensive. Using just hue bulbs, was a problem again because they were lacking physical switches (either you control a bulb or a switch). When you have just a few lights, and that's it, Hue might be a good solution. For having a homogenous system for a house with dozens of switches for covers, lights and appliances, it's getting complicated.

Currently they are on a timer from dusk to dawn... These bulbs won't even be hooked to a switch so no problem.

So it looks like you don't need a switch replacement after all. Hue bulbs will probably work fine and I believe there are options for timers and to have them revert to their previous state when the power comes back on. You don't need Node Red for that.

On the other hand if you are connecting to some form of automation then you can get much more sophisticated than dawn dusk control (why would you want your lights on all night?) - movement sensors, geo-fencing, timers etc

Don't need node red to control them but it's there so why not. As for on all night, personal preference for the situation. As for timers, see above and power outages.