Zigbee starter switch

I have officially gone into sensory overload. I would like to turn off and on one light remotely. For complicated reasons this needs to be a " drop in" switch and not a esp module. After hours of googling it appears the consensus is zigbee is a good answer. What I haven't seen is whether or not I need a hub to hook this into. Before I go off and buy stuff I don't need can I control a switch directly through node red or is there a box in the middle?

You will need a hub of some kind in the middle as Zigbee is a proprietary mesh network standard that does work in the same range as some wifi but with very different bandwidth and protocols.
An easy route to go down you could look at in combination with nodered is zigbee2mqtt:

where you can use a cheap cc2531 usb stick as your hub which can be directly attached to something like a raspberry and can be bought quite cheap on ebay.
You could than control the switch from nodered over the build in mqtt nodes.


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