Zigbee CC2652RB stick

I should soon be receiving slaesh’s CC2652RB stick with zigbee2mqtt firmware. After reading up on the various possibilities, I think I have the following options to use Zigbee devices in NodeRED, correct?

  • Install zigbee2mqtt and Mosquito, then use the built-in MQTT nodes in Node-RED
  • Install only zigbee2mqtt, then use nodered-contrib-zigbee2mqtt or nodered-contrib-zigbee2mqtt-devices to connect to zigbee2mqtt directly
  • Use node-red-contrib-zigbee to access the USB stick directly; do these nodes support CC2652RB (documentation only lists CC253x, but both are using the ZStack firmware I think)

What would be the preferred option?

The first option requires more components to be installed and might result in some communication overhead (although all components will be installed in Docker containers on the same host), but I think this would be the most standardized option.

The last option also looks interesting as no other components need to be installed, but it looks like there are some issues getting this installed in Node-RED, and I'm not sure whether this option is sufficiently mature and how well it will be maintained in the long term.

Any suggestions?

I have built an alarm system with ZigBee sensors and zigbee2mqtt stick. In Node-RED I am using the built-in MQTT nodes only. I have not installed any contrib node for that purpose. You just need to understand how zigbee2mqtt structures topics and commands. It is pretty easy and the documentation is awesome. I have modified the Z2M admin panel that is shared in the flow library to be a dashboard but not using it really. All alerting and activation is performed via Telegram and works solid.


Zigbee2mqtt has a built-in frontend. It's easy to configure and shows all details of the devices including the network map.


Interesting, I was not aware at all. Well, I configured this environment two years ago and never touched it since then. Probably something that was not available at that time (or maybe I overlooked). Thanks a lot @cflurin. I will have a look.

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