How to connect a Node to Nedis Zigbee gateway

Hi all
I have this Nedis Zigbee gateway that i like to get info from. I hope someone can help and maybe have an example flow.
BUT what Node can I use for that.

Manufacturers mostly prefer to lock you into their ecosystem, be it with products or apps.
If this gateway acts as a hub for some app you need to use, you will have a hard time reverse engineering the way it communicates. This is why many people (here) use zigbee dongles + zigbee gateways can be controlled locally with something like zigbee2mqtt. (this is also the subtext of zigbee2mqtt: Zigbee to MQTT bridge, get rid of your proprietary Zigbee bridges)

Thank you so much for your feed back. :grinning:
So you mean that if I get a Zigbee dongle instead i can do it???


*Note that this requires some technical knowledge + time to setup, if you are comfortable with that, then yes.

Make sure to go through the zigbee2mqtt guide to understand what it entails and the devicelist to see if everything is supported that you currently own (it should be as zigbee is a protocol, but you never know)

Hi again.
I actually have the Zigbee shield on the PI ZB-Shield -

Will that do the same, you think? If yes can you then please help me how???

It is listed as "experimental"


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