LightwaveRF Smart Dimmer control

Has anyone had any success with integrating LightwaveRF devices into Node-Red?

My apologies if this has been covered elsewhere and I've just missed it, equally please forgive me if the solution is blatantly obvious and I've just overlooked it.

I've got some LightwaveRF Smart Dimmers, 2x2 gang, 1x1gang and I'm tying to work out how I can control them via Node-Red. While I'm ultimately looking into adding a RF module to my Pi and controlling them directly via OOK, however in the immediate term I had hoped there would be someway to talk directly to the Link Plus unit or even the API but I'm stumped.

There is some very mediocre control via IFTTT and they are compatible with Apple HomeKit so looping via there is an option.

What I want to be able to do is send on/off and level control from dashboard but also then schedule some commands as well.

Has anyone had any success with this already?

Looking at their documentation, you need to create a token on:

Then you should be able to use their API, but indeed that will require some effort to digest.

It appears there is more to it or I'm missing a trick,

So I got me a api client token, dropped it into my http request node as bearer authentication and tried the following




But sadly I keep getting a

payload: "{"message":"Unauthorized"}"
statusCode: 401

Response. Am I doing something wrong within Node-Red or am I just not handling the api correctly?

Update you need to take the API Key and the Refresh Key and get a Bearer Key, however the Bearer Key is only valid for 10 hours.

..... my tinkering continues.

Sorry, I've been busy and missed this.

Yes, I use them extensively and have done for years. Though I have a local 433MHz transceiver (RFXtrx433-E) so certainly don't (and would never) use a cloud service.

Probably won't buy any more though as they are relatively expensive for what they do & they don't include any feedback. I mainly use the plug-in sockets and you can never be certain that they have responded to a command (they sometimes don't).

Hi Thanks for the steer, I had been thinking of trying to do a similar thing with these TX / RX units
Quasar QAM-TX3 RF Transmitter Module 433.92 MHz
RF Solutions QAM-RX10-433 Module

Are you controlling your RFXtrx433-E directly from Node-Red or through an intermediary solution?

The API would deliver feedback but there is something nice about having a 'off-grid' solution.

No problem. There weren't so many options when I started :slight_smile:

Yes, I'm controlling direct from Node-RED. Using Max's excellent node for the RFX units.

There is no feedback because the protocol doesn't support it. You send a signal to the unit but you don't get anything back. This is a common problem with 433MHz based units of all kinds.

That is why most people are switching to WiFi, Zigbee, etc. all of which have the bandwidth and the protocols to be able to deliver 2-way comms in reasonable timeframes.

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Cool thank you I'll keep tinkering.

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