Load Balancing / Scaling Node-Red AWS instance

Anyone familiar with load balancing and scaling of node-red (AWS) instances?

I have a prototype platform I am developing with Node-Red, and I understand that the single (AWS T2.Small) instance I have it hosted on won't hold up when heavy traffic starts to use the platform.

I am about to embark on potential task of clustering / scaling / elasticizing this instance. I am tempted to just bump up the server resources on the instance, as I don't expect a huge leap in traffic... But then again I want to be ready.

I have scratched the surface on some Terraforming (infrastructure as code) and deploying environments in the past that setup a NR environment suited for the instance task at hand.

I am curious if anyone has any practical guidance on taking what I've done and making it saleable.
What I've done in the past was setup a few instances across key regions, and had DNS region routing to each instance that was a clone of the original, but overall separated, and had hacky ways of sending over data to the other when changes in the DB are made and synced.

I have a DB locally on that instance, mongodb.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Tips?

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