Load firmata onto Arduino Robot

Hello everyone. I'm using Arduino Robot as shown in Image 1 to communicate with the node-red. I need to download the Arduino node in the node-red but it failed. Is anyone know how to install the Arduino node? I've followed the steps given by the node-red but it failed. I've tried to upload the StandardFirmata sketch onto my Arduino Robot but it failed. Anyone knows how to upload the firmata onto Arduino Robot as well? Thanks a lot.

Where are you running node-red?

When you say it failed, how are you installing it?
What did the error message say?

What version of Node-RED and nodejs are you running?

And a link to the what robot it is would be helpful

https://store.arduino.cc/arduino-robot that bit is easy

I used the node-red command in the command prompt and access the node-red at http://localhost:1880/
First of all, I tried to load the StandardFirmata sketch into my Arduino Robot using Arduino IDE followed the step Files-Examples-Firmata-Standard Firmata. I choose the 'Arduino Robot Control' as the board.
But unfortunately, it failed. Then I change the directory of the command prompt to my node-red user directory and type the npm install node-red-node-arduino command to install the Arduino nodes.
Here is the error message.

The version of node-red is v0.19.5 and version of nodejs is v10.14.1

The link provided by ukmoose is the correct link.

So it looks like it is looking for python...do you have it installed?

No. I'll install it now and try again. Will update once I done it.

I've download Python with version 3.7.2 and tried to install the Arduino node again but it failed again.

I'm not a windows user so I can't be much more help, but you need to investigate that fatal error and see what you can do about it. So put on your thinking cap and start googling and reading about what the error means and see if anyone else has come up with a solution.

I don't know about node red with Windows either, but I would be tempted to delete the folder .node-red/node_modules/serialport, then google for how to install the serialport node on Windows and install that. If that works then install the arduino node. You should not end up in any worse situation than you are now and if it doesn't help then you will have to wait for a Windows guru.

Okay. Thank you for your reply

Hi Colin. I'll try your method to see whether it can success or not. Thanks for your helping.

Sorry for the late uploading of the result of the method. I didn't try Colin's method because I found another way that much simpler to solve the problem. First of all, I choose the Arduino Leonardo as the board instead of the Arduino Robot Control before upload the Standard Firmata sketch to solve the uploading firmata problem. This is because the Arduino has not continued development on the Arduino Robot Control definition since it's been retired for a long time and the Arduino Leonardo has the same functionality as Arduino Robot Control. Secondly, my node installation is broken. Thus, I removed the node from my PC and reinstall the node.js and node-red.