Communication with the Arduino Robot

Hello everyone. I'm trying to use the Arduino node from the Node-RED to communicate with the Arduino Robot.
Arduino Robot:
I'm trying to send some signals from the Node-RED to the Arduino Robot. Does anyone know how to do this as the Arduino Robot is different with the Arduino Uno or Arduino Mega. Thank you.

Theres no need to open a second thread for the same problem.

In the thread you started last week, you were going to try a suggest @Colin made.
You haven't come back to say if it worked or not.

With arduino, if you haven't got wifi or a radio on the arduino you have the options of using Firmata or a standard serial connection.

Sorry for not uploading the result of the method. BTW, I didn't try that method because I found another way that much simpler to solve the problem. Firstly, the uploading firmata problem is solved by choosing the Arduino Leonardo as the board before upload the Standard Firmata sketch. This is because the Arduino has not continued development on the Arduino Robot Control definition since it's been retired for a long time and the Arduino Leonardo has the same functionality as Arduino Robot Control. Secondly, my node installation is broken. Thus, I removed the node from my PC and reinstall the node.js and node-red .

Same problem? I thought the thread I started last week is the problem of upload the sketch onto Arduino Robot? I've successfully uploaded the sketch and now I'm trying to send the signals from the Node-RED to my Arduino Robot with the Arduino nodes in the Node-RED.

The Arduino Robot won't function with the cable connection and only function with the batteries (without cable connection). Is the Firmata can be used to send the signals wirelessly? Because I will need to send the live signals as well after that.

What wireless capabilities does your arduino Robot have?

The wireless capabilities you mean is come along with the Arduino Robot or I need to buy the extra components?

If you want to connect to your robot wirelessly what are you going to use?

Depending on what you have chosen depends on how easy it would be to communicate with node-RED.
Also what do you want to communicate, you say signals but what does that mean? Do you also want to send signals back? If so what type of signals?

I think I probably will use the wifi or bluetooth as the wireless connection.

Which one is easier for communication with node-RED?

My project is using the Emotiv Epoc+ headset to detect the EEG signals (brain signals) and send it to the node-RED. Then, the EEG signals will be sent to the Arduino Robot wirelessly to control the motion of the robot. e.g. move left or right I don't need to send the signals back to node-RED. Just send to the robot will do from the node-RED.

Then personally I would use MQTT over wifi to communicate and forget about the arduino/firmata nodes.

There are MQTT libraries for the arduino and MQTT nodes for Node-RED.

Good Luck!

Thanks for your advice. I'll go to check the information about the MQTT.