Load flows incompatibility between admin API and editor import/export


I noticed that if i export a flow using the editor export, if i try to load the flow using the admin HTTP API (or the runtime API directly) it fails. Also, vice-versa, that is if I use the get/flow:id call with the API and save the flow to a file, then i can't import the flow using the editor import option.

I know the reason is that the 2 approaches give different JSON of the flow.

I would like to know if this is intended to be like this (maybe for some security reason?), or if it's something that should be possibly fixed in the future?


They are intentionally different.

The /flow API format is more structured. That said, I've never been fully comfortable with that part of the API and it's something I'd like to revisit. For example, it doesn't make subflows any easier to manage.

ok, thanks!