LOGO 8.3 no connection

I have LOGO 8.3 but i don't have connection
on logo side i use operaterpanel (02.00 and output 03.00 )
on node-red i use ip adres logo port 102
mode TSAP local TSAP 03.00 remote TSAP 02.00

i have an older logo 8.1 and it works fine
sombody can help me

Sorry, you'll need to provide a LOT more context if you want someone to help.

thank for reply i take sreen foto of my configuration

it works with logo 8.1 but not with logo 8.3


But that tells us nothing about what "LOGO" is, nor exactly what nodes you are using. Looks like some kind of connection to an IoT device but there are thousands of such things - we cannot guess what you are using or how.

siemens logo 8.3 is a siemens plc use it for my lighting at home
currently using a siemens logo 8.1 and it works with node red
the new type logo 8.3 has a better overview there you can make function blocks yourself
made a test to see if it works used a switch and s7 out
node-red 2

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If the node is not working with the newer logo 8.3, there were most likely changes in the new unit. You would need to ask the author of the node you are using (What is the full name of the node?) if they are going to support the new 8.3 version.

If you go to the flow tab on this site and enter the full node name (node-red-contrib-???) is should give you a link to the nodes GitHub page and you can see about adding an issue there.

thanks for helping me the problem is resolved i make a new configuration and it works fine now i don't no why it's not working for first time it's the same configuration but new

regreds orelio

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