Looking for an oscillator

for a test setup i need a programmable oszillator to trigger a ADS1115 I2C A/D converter for 0.1 to 1 seconds at 6 to 12 kHz.
Has anyone an idea how to realize this?

Oh sorry,
i see its in the hardware section, should be in general. Can i move this over to general?

did you try a google search with programmable oscillator?

Do you mean you are looking for a programmable hardware oscillator that can be connected to a machine running node-red?

I was thinking about a software solution.
A 'Hardware solution' might be setting up an i/o pin as pwm, connect it to an input pin and trigger with that the a/d conversion. Might work, but is it a 'clever' solution?
@zenofmud : no i did a search in the node collection.

I doubt whether you can drive an input pin on something like a Pi (if that is what you are thinking of) at 12kHz.

I never tested it, but i'm pretty shure you are right. This is why i am looking for an software solution.

Doing anything in a pi at 12kHz is not going to work well. The Pi OS is not a real time OS, you cannot guarantee timing at that speed.

OK, looks like i need some hardware to do this.

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