Looking for ideas re: LED Control

Anyone aware of any pre-existing nodes that allow you to control all of the parameters of a smart bulb individually? For example, I have a mixture of all different kinds of bulbs, RGB, RGBW, RGBWWCW, etc. Some on Hue, Some on Hubitat. Typically you can only control either the color emitters OR the WW/CW emitters, but not simultaneously.

For example with Hubitat or the Hue App, when choosing a color it only sends that information to the RGB emitters and turns off the WW/CW emitters. When choosing a color temperature, it turns the RGB emitters off and only uses the WW/CW.

So essentially what I'm wondering is if there's a way for me to have individual parameter control over each "channel" of color. To be able to set a level for red, a level for blue, a level for green, a level for warm white, a level for cool white, and not have them cancel each other out. I've got extensive NodeRed stuff throughout my system so I'm wondering if it might be easiest to tackle this on the NodeRed side, as the Hue and Hubitat systems don't do this.

Isn't the white just a combination of RGB?

Well, yes in science, but not in this case. There are separate emitters for both warm white and cool white in my example - but it seems that with most zigbee solutions you get control of either the RGB emitters OR the white emitters but not both at the same time.

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