Looking for Outdoor PIR Sensor to work with esp8266

Hey All,
I'm looking for an outdoor PIR sensor something like this one.
Outdoor PIR Sensor

But this is rated at 12v and the esp8266 requires a 3.3v signal. Where can I find this kind of hardware?


Would an optoisolator like this help?

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hmm, would probably work but not my first choice.

Maybe I should consider a sonoff device or something like that.

I used this item in my Outdoor PIR Sensor project... Honeywell - IS312B Passive Infrared Motion Sensor.
It has a "voltage free" contact which means you can arrange a simple switch-circuit to the ESP8266.


Also used a DC-to-DC Buck converter MT3608, to convert 3v3 to 12V to power the IR Sensor.

This is what the PCB looks like I designed for the project.

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Very cool! Love the documentation!

As for my own project... I just did some research on Sonoff PIR sensors and learned they use Zigbee radios. I played with Zigbee many years ago and never got far with it. But seems to be a standard these days. I like that they can help reduce traffic on your wifi and get longer distance. This sounds like a good path as my project grows in devices and complexity.

I'm back on the Zigbee learning curve. LOL

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I use the sonoff Zigbee motion sensors and they work well, indoors at least. I am going to try one outdoors, but under cover so it does not get rain on it. It will be interesting to see if it survives. It will be above a door, sheltered by the fact that the door is recessed into the wall about 200cm.

I use a Sonoff USB dongle V3 installed on a Pi, with Zigbee2MQTT to get the data into MQTT. The data can then be picked up using standard MQTT nodes in node-red. Don't bother with the zigbee2MQTT nodes.

Don't go for a cheap USB dongle, some are rubbish. If you go for the Sonoff make sure it is V3 (or perhaps there is a later one, I don't know).

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You're reading my mind and answering questions before I ask them! As for the dongle, does it need to be on a machine or can it just be powered by a charging port?

It needs to be in a machine. I believe there are alternatives, such as WiFi gateways, but I have no experience with them.

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