Made a real ballsup, broke my NR

Hi All,
NR version: v0.20.5

I was doing a new install on pi to boot on usb stick instead of sd card. Successfully installed, I was going to test it out for a few days before transferring it to a usb ssd and have pi boot from the ssd.
I was playing with it for a few days and added several tabs and flows all going good, oled, broadlink, wemo, etc all working good...
Until I made a real a balls up! I was mucking with the ds18b20 node and set the period (sec) to 0 and when I hit deploy the session just locked up.
This is the setup for the ds18b20 taken from another pi with correct setting.


I rebooted the pi and now all my flows and tabs on NR is gone (3 days work)!
And no, I do not have any backup...
I presume that NR was tied up in a infinite loop of some sort and on reboot recovered somehow deleting all the flows and tabs to clear the infinite loop (a clever strategy on developers part, perhaps?).

Before i do further damage is there a way to recover the tabs and flows?
ps lesson, always back up all flows

Why would your flows be gone ?

node-red --safe

Your flows will not run and you should be able to make changes.

Look at the flows files in:
cd ~/.node-red

The chances are that on reboot your pi picked up a new name and therefore started a new flow file. But you old flows file will still be in you .node-red directory.

You can start up node red specifying which flow file to use which would stop this happening in the future. How to specify the.file is in the documentation

Hi ukmoose,
Thanks for the tips, listed all the flows file:

I take it that the flow is in flows_raspberrypi.json, what are the flows_raspberrypi_cred.json?

The flows_{name}_ cred . json file contains the encrypted credentials

so the .backup files are the previous versions... so a one level back version. ie we save existing to the backup - then write the latest. So one or the other version should contain most of your work.