[Major Release] uibuilder v3

For better or worse, I've decided that the v3 branch of uibuilder is not going to get any better unless more people test it. So I am releasing now.

Far too long in the making, this release contains breaking changes so please review the new version of the default template (just add a new instance of uibuilder). Then test against your existing code.

This release contains a lot of fixes and improvements and prepares the way for new features, particularly:

  • Security - an early release of security features is included - do not use in production! At least without really thorough testing. The feature set is also unlikely to be fully stable and I reserve the right to make more breaking changes without necessarily moving to a uibuilder v4. You have been warned.

  • VueJS Integration - I've started to find ways to better integrate with VueJS and already started to find ways to simplify web page building with minimal code, driven from Node-RED. Hopefully, over time, this will begin to bridge the gap between the simplicity of Dashboard and the flexibility of uibuilder.

    The first example of this is the ability to send a msg from Node-RED that will appear as a "Toaster" pop-up message in your front-end - no code required, that's right, no html and no javascript is needed, just a formatted msg from Node-RED.

    As reassurance to people who do not use or want to use VueJS - this is not any indication that uibuilder will be locked to Vue, it isn't and never will be. But still, this is an exciting development that should begin to open up front-end web design to more people.

A LOT more changes included in this release. Please see the CHANGELOG file for details.

I have no doubt that many more bugs have been introduced, plenty of them quite silly. But I desperately needed to get this release out since development of uibuilder has diverged to far from the previous v2 branch.

v2.0.8 should be the last release of the v2 branch and will not receive any updates unless someone really convinces me otherwise.

PLEASE do test things before you commit to v3.

Also worth noting that there are two changes on the horizon that will likely be forced on me at some point:

  • Socket.IO v3 - another reason for me to get uibuilder v3 out and stabilised since I'll certainly be moving to this but it needs testing.
  • VueJS v3 - no intention of moving defaults to this as yet but I expect it will have to happen eventually. There seem to be some big changes in this release though.

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