Make Leds on picture

Hello everyone !
How i can make a picture like that in dashboard such the G/R icon i want them Leds and controllling them by slider node in the same flow

There are at least 2 examples of this shared as Flows.

Here is the UIBUILDER based one:

There was one for Dashboard as well I think - can't see it in the flows, must be in the forum somewhere.

In node-red-dashboard, you can use SVG via the node-red-contrib-ui-svg node - see the wiki here

What @TotallyInformation has suggested will work and is probably a more recent solution than node-red-contrib-ui-svg

I used node-red-contrib-ui-svg about 2-years ago to show the status of a group of four Rasberry Pi(es) in a mini cluster. I took a photo of the hardware on my phone and used that as the background image, then added led icons that I could switch between red and green. I'm sorry - at the moment I can't find the flow, but there are quite a few examples in the wiki-link that @Steve-Mcl has provided.

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To be fair, the solutions should be much the same except that the ui version works with Dashboard 1 of course and mine works with UIBUILDER.

This one ?


Well done I was trying to find that posting on the Forum.
Now if I could find the Node-RED flow as well we would be sorted?
You are more than welcome to pop round to my house and help me look through the SSDs.

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I've eventually found the source files for the Node-RED posting that @smanjunath211 found, and have made a posting on 'share your projects'. I hope someone can make use of it.


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