Make node.log or RED.log available in the function node

I always find it somewhat jarring to have to use node.warn in a function node (or use a second output port and dump a msg) when all I want to do is to get some debug output to the debug panel.

It would be really nice if we could have some kind of simple log feature in the function node that outputs data without it having to show up as a warning or having to output a msg.

Ideally, it would allow multiple arguments that could be of any type similar to how console.log works but just outputting to the debug panel as an object.

Previously discussed, without conclusion, here:

Do we think this would overlap / integrate with trello - 124-debug-add-loglevels

Well node.debug got the majority vote and I certainly don't have strong enough objections to that to make any further waves.

At first sight, it doesn't appear to overlap at all to me?

This is about enhancing the function node whereas that is about enhancing the debug node. And it too feels like it might be a nice enhancement.

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