Math exponential function

I have a function called y = 1034,7e^-0,028x. I have used this Math.log(number/1024)/-0.028 and it works most of the time but isn´t always precise. I heard that you can somehow input this y = 1034,7e^-0,028x and it will be more precise. Anyone has any clues on how to do this?

Javascript numbers are 64-bit floating points, so you have a limited precision.

If you need arbitrary precision for your calculations, I believe there are NodeJS packages on NPM that could do that for you. These can be made available in your settings.js in the functionGlobalContext object for use in a function node.

Can you show an example with the value of x, the result and what it should be?
Also show the code in the function node that calculates it.