MatLab/Simulink Node-Red

Hi, i came across on info (and clip), that NR and Matlab/simulink can exchange data via MQTT, UDP...

Is it any example?

I found this, but it is not English, so i don't understand much (Sending data from simulink to node red then to tiaportal - YouTube)

There are 16 search results on the forum for "matlab" - none of those any good?

Regarding communicating to/from any device, MQTT is childs play.

Most of the topics do not have answers, i wish only to send sensor data.
By the way, thanks for the video.

Please, any help ?

What have you tried ? I would start with something like a TCP in node set to listen to a port above 1024 - eg 3333 - connected to a debug node
then set Matlab to write to that device (using below but use your ip address) on that port - as per a write example Write and Read Data over TCP/IP Interface - MATLAB & Simulink - MathWorks United Kingdom

t = tcpclient("",3333)
data = 1234;
write(t, data)

I don't have Matlab so can't test it - but assuming the manual is correct etc...

This is new for me, so i don't know even where to start

Any help, please ?

I wish to send sensor data via MQTT. Any help?

Hi @Martin10

I can see a number of the previous results provided links for how to get started with MQTT. So it would be helpful if you could describe a bit more about what you have got so far and what you'd like to achieve.

As I said, i am new in this, so i need some example for beginners. What I Wish to achieve is to send data to Simulink via Mqtt and than to make some data analyze.

You need to start by understanding MQTT. This should help with that: MQTT Essentials - All Core Concepts explained

to send data from Matlab using MQTT is not a Node-RED problem - maybe try the Matlab help system ? - MQTT in MATLAB - File Exchange - MATLAB Central - there seems to be a download and some docs there.

Is there Simulink example instead of matlab?

No idea - never used it... I think Google may be your best bet here.

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