Maximum Load Level

I need to know answers on these questions. The questions is about maximum load level of Node-Red.
Will it works correctly with 10 requests per second?
Same question for 20 000 requests per hour?

We using this platform at small IoT projects, but we want to test it in massive corporative segment.
Thank you, also sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:

It would completely depend upon the type of requests, the amount of processing and the power of the hardware its running on


We want to use node red as platform for a receiving and sending http requests and webhooks

As @cymplecy says, there are too many variables to be able to advise you confidently. The main factors are the hardware you are running on, the complexity of the flow, and indeed the design of the flow. For a fairly simple flow I’ve seen a Pi handle hundreds of messages a second, a laptop handle several thousand a second, But if the flow is complex involving lookups, or extensive logging, it may be a lot less. On the other hand , if it’s a purely http flow you maybe able to design it to scale horizontally and be able to throw more processors at it and run several instances in parallel - but that will take careful application design.

At the end of the day you will have to build it and benchmark it yourself in a representative scenario.

Thank you for the great answer! It helps me very much.