Media Node problem

I've a "media node" that, in his link (Animazione_Meteosat/meteo_animato.gif), point an animated GIF that is build every hour, but in dashboard the image never appear
Appear only when I deploy from the editor, stay visibile for some time (that I don't know how is), then disappear

If I point directly the link from any browser (http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:1880/uimedia/Animazione_Meteosat/meteo_animato.gif), the animated GIF is always visible and updated

Anyone knows what kind of problem could be?

Thank you


No idea?

Please!! :pray:

well you haven't given much inormation to go on. You start off with:

But you don't give the name of the node or a like to the 'link' you are refering to.

You don't provide

  1. your flow
  2. what release of NR and node.js you are using (see your Node-RED start up log)
  3. what device and os you are running on
  4. if you are using Docker of Home automation

This information would go a long way to help people help you.

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  • NR Version is 1.2.1 and run on a Raspberry PI with Debian Buster. I'm not using Docker

  • I have a bash script that generate an animated GIF that run every hour

  • In "media node" there is:

  • As you can see, in the "preview" I see tha animated GIF in action, but in Dashboard it appear only when I "DEPLOY", but after some time disappear

Thank you

So you still haven’t provided your flow
You haven’t given the name of the node (node-red-contrib-???????)
Why are you running such an old version of NR? The current version is v3.0.2

  1. flows.json (2.3 KB)

  2. node-red-contrib-ui-media

  3. For now I have no problem and all is OK. I'm scared when I do an update that something goes wrong. Is there a way in this case to roll back to previous version?

Thank you and sorry

There are many ways of backuping up your flow. Do a search using 'backup flow' and take a pick of one of the solutions.

In addition there is automatid backing up via GIT if you are using 'projects'. If you do a google search using 'node red projects tutorial' ou will even find some you-tube videos you can watch.

I backup the flow, but my concern is in case of update problems, to download all the node used and redo all the various configuration. I know I have to update it, but I have to find the right moment and have time to eventually redo everything.

If you look tru this thread Node red crash suddenly - #9 by 298christian you will fond a post bu @TotallyInformation showing his cron jobs to back up his flows

  • Ok. Thank you. I will look his job to learn something.

  • Instead, regarding my problem with "node-red-contrib-ui-media", do you have any news?

Thanks for all

I just imported your flow and I can't test anything since I don't have the script you are runing.

I would add a debug node (set to display the complete msg object) to each output of the exec node and see what you get.

I understand!!! :man_facepalming:

It is sufficient not to link the stdout output of the exec node with the input of the ui_media_node
In this way, animated GIF is always present...

I don't know why, but it works

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