[Meetup Request] Berlin

Hi There!

I am posting this in General since this isn't an Event but an request for an Event!

Are there any DE-Berlin timezone people interested in getting together to have a chat about NR?

I've checked the meetup group but that seems to be in hibernation mode.

Happy to coordinate timing and location!


Das ganze nochmal auf deutsch:

Hat jemand Bock auf ein Treffen in Berlin um ueber NR zu reden? Ich habe geschaut aber die meetup gruppe scheint eingeschlafen zu sein also frage ich hier!

Falls ja, dann lass uns ein Termin und Ort ausmachen!

Schoene Gruesse!


Thanks for initiating this great idea! I'm definitely in the DE-Berlin timezone and I'm very interested in getting together for a chat about NR either in English or German.

I'd also be happy to lend a hand and take up some of the organisation work. I think it would be quite enriching to gather a small group of individuals who share this interest and I'd be more than willing to help ensure it happens.

Is anyone else interested in such an event?

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Oh dear, should have caught me last year when I was in Berlin. Though I'm not sure my wife and family would have been happy about me wizzing off to meet up with other tech nerds while on our family holday! :rofl:

Good idea!
I would be interreseted in attending such a meeting in Berlin, although I am living in Bavaria.

Alright - cool that people are interested :+1:

Question becomes whether we wait until we have X people together or do we wait until day Y comes around and who can come comes? I.e. hard release date or all-features-done-for-release release date :wink:

I'm for setting a date (perhaps mid-June) and venue just to kick it off, else we might end up saying it's a good idea and never actually meet! Perhaps we could start by pigging-back onto another meetup that everyone wants to attend anyway, i.e. is there a visual flow programming meetup in Berlin?

I'm flexible with timing, I would prefer to do it within a month, i.e. to keep momentum and kick it off!


Thanks to @Marian we now have a new meetup group - Node-RED Germany (Berlin, Germany) | Meetup

Please join and lets together for nerding over, with and about Node-RED :wink:

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To facilitate planning for the inaugural meetup, I put a doodle for preferences. @Marian and I came up with three possible dates 23, 24 and 26 of June - for those that travel, Saturday might be better, for those that work in Berlin, Friday evening might be better. And for those that like to start the week with a meetup, perhaps the Monday would be optimal.

Let the democratically selected majority take the cake --> Doodle - Node-RED Meetup Berlin

Location is to be decided, suggestions welcome! Timing would be 7pm (or 6pm) for all dates, again majority rule.

Cheers & Looking forward to meeting up!

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First meetup is now scheduled for Friday the 23rd of June!!

Initially a agenda-free meetup, that might change! It's a get-to-know you meetup, all welcome who are in Berlin!


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