Memory Leak - Troubleshooting

I am using the Node-RED running in a Docker container on Ubuntu. When Node-Red starts it consumes about 2.6GB of memory, then in less than 24 hours it is up to 5.95GB (which is near the maximum available). I think there is a memory leak, how can I troubleshoot the issue?

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Can we try and simplify the problem

Does it happen with a completely empty flow or with a set of them

Can you (temporary if needed) do a standard (non-docker) install - does it behave the same or not

If you can - post your flow here and maybe someone can test if out on their machine using Docker

Just a shot in the dark, but I had similar issue when I first started using node-red.

Turned out, Ii you use an rbe node on binary data its pretty much inevitable.

Here is the followup thread to the original where I stumbled onto the solution:

My non-docker install of node-red on Ubuntu says it is using 96MiB.

70MiB on my Windows 10 test setup which includes quite a number of uibuilder, moment, fs and other test flows.

I tried a non-Docker install and it only uses 1.53GB and it stays the same.

So, I think that I will continue with the non-Docker install.

That is still ten or twenty times what is usual. You need to understand why. Are you handling big video files or something?

Maybe they don't :slight_smile:

Maybe they are quite happy that it works :slight_smile:

Unless there is a good and understood reason for it using so much space then there is a strong possibility that the fact that it is apparently working correctly is just an illusion.